Younger audience sometimes can be tricky to approach. In this project, we support Decolgen's offline activity by implementing digital games when they visit hip hangout places, food courts and Jakarta's car free day. The approach was a hit since it was suitable with our younger target audience's style and also align with two biggest event on occuring month, 2018 World Cup and Indonesia's 73rd Independece Day.

We build an interactive sports head-to-head game using Phone (as controller) and Big Screen (game game main visual). We want to utilize the technology, experience and hype offline; and with this idea, it's proven that we did.


  • Become highlight activity in Decolgen roadshow
  • Attract younger people to participate in the roadshow


  • Build an eye catchy technology based game that meet our TA curiousity
  • Building hype through ads to build offline awareness
  • KOL as one of our teaser and sample experience


  • Visited by over 28,000 online users
  • Effective to meet goals in 5 various ofline events


  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Website Production
  • Campaign Microsite Production
  • Media Production
  • Activity & Campaign Management
  • Content Photoshoot
  • Prizes & Delivery management
  • Social Media Retainer
  • KOL Management
  • Report & Analysis