NET1 #MauAda4GDimana

Net1 is launching their brand new 4G services targeting sub-urban area. We believe digital can help to reach and tease our potential TA. The idea is to generate consumer demands about where the service should be applied wrap with "Mau Ada 4G Dimana" campaign. We are successfully meet our objective to reach our potential TA.


  • Gain awareness of NET1 #MauAda4GDimana campaign
  • Generate consumer demands in Indonesia sub-urban area


  • Building engaging content that relevant to sub-urban daily lifestyle to grab their attention and convert them to request the 4G in their area/city
  • Specific targeting on our ads to ensure that we've reach the correct target and audience


  • Gain more than 2,800 requests over multiple sub-urban area in Indonesia in short amount of time
  • Gain over 14 million reach during the campaign which most of the reach came from sub-urban area


  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Website Production
  • Campaign Microsite Production
  • Media Production
  • Content Photoshoot
  • Activity & Campaign Management
  • Social Media Retainer
  • Website Content & Technical Retainer
  • Report & Analytics