Cadbury #SayItWithCadbury Valentine Campaign

This year's new communication angle, "Say It With Cadbury" brings us to beat our sales by 4 times. We believe that a personalize Valentine card contains personal message with avatar that represents theirself can make the occasion feel more special. Memorable rewards also provided and it make target audience feel close to the brand.


  • Building top of mind, engaged and be relevant showed by numbers of campaign conversion to participant


  • Creating custom made content and visual locally to strengthen relevancy to our TA. This content will be push over our asset, BA, KOL and measured media strategy
  • Build an attractive content focusing on conversion to our campaign
  • Showcasing our participant creativity on our asset to give spotlight to our loyal user and "free the Joy" expressed through Cadbury


  • Gain over 18.000 participant for only on 30 days
  • Gain more than 88 million reach on Facebook posts during the campaign
  • Bringing a Joy moment to our loyal user to express themselves to their loved ones

We know te power of influencer is very important, so we get together with Yura Yunita, an Indonesian pop singer as our brand ambassador to spread the awareness of the campaign, using #SayItWithCadbury.


  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Campaign Microsite Production
  • Media Production
  • Activity & Campaign Management
  • Social Media Retainer
  • Content and KV Photoshoot
  • Special Hampers Creation as Prizes
  • Report & Analysis